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How to Use your Strengths as an Introvert to Succeed at Public Speaking

Webinar Replay

I’m Olivia Mitchell

I’m a public speaking coach and an introvert. An unusual combination.

As a speaker myself and then as a coach, I found that many of the traditional public speaking approaches didn’t work for me or for other introverts.

So I developed other methods that worked better. That’s what I’m sharing in this webinar , which I recorded live and am now making available to you as a replay.


Here’s what you’ll discover on the webinar:

  • Why most public speaking advice doesn’t work for introverts
  • The #1 strategy for introverts to succeed at public speaking
  • How to use PowerPoint (or any other visual aid software) to take the spotlight off yourself and engage the audience

It’s Free!

“Olivia, this was an AMAZING presentation! It was loaded with actionable tips and super easy to understand and follow – a great example of what a GREAT and MEMORABLE presentation should be like. I learned so much, especially because I am an introvert. Thank you so much!”

Carmen Estrada

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