Articles on presentation delivery

These articles explore how to come across as a natural and authentic presenter.

The power of rehearsal

How to go from good presenter to great presenter
This post explores some of the reasons why we tend to put off rehearsing and the benefits of rehearsal.

Conversational presenting

Conversational presenting
Audiences like presenters who are natural, relaxed and authentic. That means being yourself in front of the audience – being the same way as you are when having a conversation with your colleagues.

Unlearning presenting
If you’ve learnt more formal methods of presenting, this post looks at how to undo some of those habits.

The three benefits of gesturing
This post explores what to do with your hands

How to project your voice
This post looks at the psychological reasons why you might speak quietly and gives you strategies for overcoming them.

Delivery techniques

9 ways to use space in your presentation
This popular post looks at nine different ways that you can move around the stage and use space in your presentation.

Presenting with PowerPoint

Are you missing out on half the power of your PowerPoint slides?
This post looks at how to avoid using the PowerPoint slides as your notes, so that you can present with PowerPoint as a partner in your presentation.

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