Articles on PowerPoint

These articles will help you create PowerPoint slides which enhance your presentation, rather than send your audience to sleep.

Why you shouldn’t use bullet-point slides

The problem with traditional PowerPoint slides
This article looks at the research which shows that bullet-point slides are not effective.

New scientific evidence for banning bullets from your PowerPoint slides
Looks at recent research that shows that multitasking is a delusion. This suggests that we can’t read a slide and listen to the presenter at the same time.

5 ways bullet-point slides damage your brand
Using bullet-point slides has an impact on the way that you and your organisation are perceived. Find out how in this post.

Robbery at bullet-point
More reasons why bullet-point slides are bad for your brand. Bullet-point slides steal your credibility, your clarity and your audience.

PowerPoint Slide Design

5 steps to effective PowerPoint presentations
This posts gives you a step-by-step approach to designing effective PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint Slide Design – The Basics
PowerPoint Slide Design – Adding Elegance
Have a look at these posts for guidelines on how to design your PowerPoint slides.

3 steps to creating a PowerPoint diagram
How to create a diagram in Powerpoint to express complex concepts

Are you stuck within the Overhead Projector Paradigm?
A slide makeover to show the full power of custom animation within PowerPoint.

The top 10 PowerPoint slides from Slideshare
Examples of effective slide design

Delivering with PowerPoint

Are you missing out on half the power of PowerPoint slides?
Innovative ways of presenting with your PowerPoint slides. No more click, talk, click, talk.

Stop being a slave to your PowerPoint slides
Shows you how to create a printout of all your slides on one page, so that you know what slide is coming next. This is essential in order to be able to present innovatively with PowerPoint.

The lost art of notes
Many people use bullet-point slides as their notes. Here are some suggestions for creating notes so that you’re no longer dependent on PowerPoint to cue you.


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