One of the many clever things that PowerPoint can do is allow you to dump lots of information into it. Unlike your human audience, you can just keep on adding information into a slide and the font size will adjust to allow as much information as you like.

See how it works in this video:

This way of planning may be quick and feel creative – but is it useful?

Although PowerPoint can “absorb” all this information easily, audiences can’t.

Unless you come back and edit your slides, you have set yourself up for a disastrous presentation.

At some stage you’ll probably realise you have too much information to fit into the allocated time so you’ll speak fast (which makes you look nervous), jump slides (which really annoys audiences) and perhaps not actually finish your presentation before people have to leave for their next meeting or appointment.

None of this is a good look.  So our advice is:

Don’t plan your presentation using PowerPoint.

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