webby-awards2If you were only allowed five words in your presentation – could you do it?

That was the challenge facing winners at the 2008 Webby Film and Video Awards on Tuesday night. A five word limit on their acceptance speech.

This five word limit forced people to be focused, simple and concrete. Just like a longer presentation should be. Here are some of my favourites:

“Make films from the heart.” The Los Angeles Film School

“Blog your photos – save trees.” PENTAX Photo Gallery

“Games are good for you.” Discovery Channel >> I Videogame

“Design is changing the world.” Design for the Other 90%

“Encourage kids to be creative.” The Los Angeles Recording School

“Together, we’ll make reading obsolete.” Onion News Network

“Don’t take your organs to heaven.” Heart Transplant Procedure

Take the five word challenge

If you’re just starting to design a presentation, work on expressing what you want to get across in five words. Yes, it will be a struggle, but your presentation will be focused and memorable as a result.

Want to improve an existing presentation? Develop the five word version – then cut out everything that doesn’t support your five word version.

See also my post on crafting a Key Message for your presentation.

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