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When can you break the “rule” of a three-part structure?

In my Presentation Planning Guide I suggest that you use a thee-part structure for your presentation. They work for novels and movies, and for presentations too. But, using a three-part structure is not a rule set in concrete. Sometimes your presentation will be more...

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How to present like Michael Wesch

Michael Wesch studies YouTube the way David Attenborough studies insects and lizards. Along the way he's developed a superbly engaging presentation style. I don't often watch presentation videos to the end - but I was glued to the screen for the entire 55 minutes of...

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4 reasons to spend time on planning your presentation

Devoting time to preparing a presentation is worth it. Here are four reasons: 1. The audience's time Balance the time that you will spend planning the presentation against the time of the people in your audience. Say you're presenting to 10 people for 40 minutes....

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8 Presentation Tips for beating Audience Boredom

I asked you, my readers, to tell me about the challenges you have with presenting on "boring" topics.  Ann Hemplemann wrote to me: Oh, Olivia, you are ringing my bell on this one! I'm an environmental engineer and educator, and my topics range from dull to confusing....

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How to make a boring presentation interesting #1

In my post Do you have to give boring presentations? I asked you to tell me about the boring presentations you have to give. The pain and frustration you suffer from having to give boring presentations poured into my e-mail inbox and the comments section of that post....

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Do you have to give boring presentations?

My next post is going to be on "How to make a boring presentation interesting". I'd like to make the post as relevant as possible to the problems you face giving presentations. So if you have to give a presentation that you think could be more interesting, I'd love to...

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9 ways to edit your presentation

I ask people who download my presentation planning guide what they find hardest about presenting. Here are some of the answers: Being concise Finishing on time Fitting everything into the allotted time Finding a balance between presenting too much and too little Not...

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