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How to tell a story like Malcolm Gladwell

I bought Outliers two days ago. And though I'm familiar with many of the stories that Gladwell tells I'm still entranced. They work on the printed page and they'll also work for you in a presentation. How does he do it? Here's my analysis of Gladwell's storytelling...

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New scientific research on memory

I love having scientific back-up for the way we do things as presenters. So I subscribe to a number of cognitive science blogs to keep up-to-date. Here are two research studies on memory. The first one backs up what we already know - we've got a great memory for...

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How to save time preparing a presentation

Many of the people who come on our courses say that it takes them ages to prepare a presentation. Then we teach them our presentation planning system and they say: “It enabled me to put together an effective presentation ready to present to senior management in...

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Six lessons in public speaking from Obama

America has elected the greatest political speaker for a generation. You may think that there's nothing for you to learn from Barack Obama's speechmaking skills - that speaking to 200,000 people at Grant Park, Chicago is too far removed from the presentation you might...

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5 strategies to defuse the audience

Sometimes your audience needs defusing. You may know ahead of time that the audience is likely to be hostile to your ideas, or there may be a big issue looming over them which distracts them from listening to your presentation. Or they may simply not be that...

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How to say nothing in your next presentation

Have you sometimes gone along to a presentation -it may be entertaining and enjoyable - but at the end of it, or a few days later, you think to yourself - what did I get out of that presentation? It's easy to fall into the trap, as a presenter, of saying nothing in a...

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How to establish your credibility without bragging

It's hard to pull-off establishing your credentials without sounding like you're bragging. The public speaking blogosphere is alive with stories of presenters who didn't quite hit the right note. Lisa Braithwaite says in her blog post on establishing your credentials,...

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Quiz: Are you a winger or a stickler?

Is finding the right balance between structure and spontaneity a problem for you? Here's a quiz: 1. How much preparation do you do before a presentation? a. I think through the basic ideas in my head and jot down a few keywords. b. I plan carefully the main message I...

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Will Smith’s keys to a great presentation

Leo Babauta from the blog Zen Habits recently posted his Top 5 most inspirational videos on YouTube. I hadn't come across this remix of a speech by Will Smith (the remix is by TeamJonny5 - I've edited it slightly). It's only 1 min 19 sec so take the time to watch it...

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Four tips from five-minute presentations

Networking events which group together a number of short presentations are creating a buzz. There's Pecha Kucha Night, which started out to allow young designers to showcase their work: Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each - giving 6...

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