Why sell one membership when you could be selling one hundred?

This is the online handout for the session that Olivia Mitchell and Tony Burns ran at the DebitSuccess Workshop in Wellington on 30 July 2010.

Speaking can grow your business

It allows you to speak to many people at once, to form personal relationships and allow audience members to sample what you have to offer. Some US-based fitness business owners have built their businesses through using public speaking:


How to find an audience


This article asked people to say what their last public speaking engagement was and how they got it. 221 people have left comments. I identified the top four ways of getting public speaking engagements:

pie chart

Asking your existing clients is by far the most effective of these methods.

Write down three actions you will take to find an audience:




What to speak about

There are four criteria:

what to speak about

Write down three possible topics you could speak about:




Craft a title for your topic

Your title has to attract people to come to your presentation. The art of writing to attract people is called copywriting. Here are some possible title formulas which could work for your topic.

How to….[benefit]

What everyone ought to know about….

…..facts and fallacies

For more ideas see: https://speakingaboutpresenting.com/content/presentation-title/

Designing your presentation


For a complete description of how to use this framework to design a presentation sign-up here:

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The problems with PowerPoint



Effective ways of using PowerPoint


Presentation delivery tips




How to manage your nerves to present at your best



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