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The 5-step cure for boring body language

Could your body language be more expressive? Do you inhibit your natural body language when you're public speaking because of your self-consciousness? Or maybe you've been told (by a well-meaning but misguided person) that you wave your arms around too much? As a...

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How to use the Magic of Live to be a Compelling Speaker

Live performances are magic. We pay to see our favorite bands performing even though we can listen to the songs anytime for free. We travel long distances to hear a famous speaker live, even though we can watch their speech online at home. We pay more for a Broadway...

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How to Look Authoritative when you Feel Anything But

Having to deliver a presentation to people who are older than you, more important than you, or more expert than you, can make you doubt yourself. To look more credible and authoritative do the opposite of what a person lacking in confidence would do. Typically, they...

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13 Best Practice Tips for Effective Presentation Handouts

Your presentation handout is the lasting concrete manifestation of your presentation. It’s an important part of the total experience for the audience: But most of us focus on preparing what happens during the presentation, not what happens afterwards. Here are the...

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How to stop worrying about forgetting what you want to say

Do you have a fear of missing out something critical from your presentation? This concern can sabotage your presentation in three ways: To alleviate your concern you put everything you want to say on your slides You write a script and read from it. You spend the whole...

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How to stop waffling once and for all

Waffling happens when your brain stops working but your mouth keeps going. The solution to waffling is simple: When you have nothing ready to say, stop, look at your notes, work out what you to say, look up again and start talking. Easy to say. Difficult to do. That’s...

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How to keep to time during your presentation

Do you regularly go over time when you’re delivering a presentation? If a time limit has been set for your presentation, then it’s your responsibility to finish it within that time. Consider it as part of the contract between you and your audience. Here are some tips...

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8 presentation tips to make your eye contact more powerful

Even a newbie at public speaking knows they should make eye contact. But the term eye contact is rather vague. It can infer just making fleeting “contact” with a person then moving on. Don't make eye contact - make "eye connection".  Eye connection means spending time...

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How getting in the beam makes you a better presenter

Public speaking and presenting are full of silly rules. One such silly rule is that you shouldn't walk into into the beam of the projector. I disagree - it can be incredibly effective to get in the beam. Why you should get in the beam 1. You show your energy and...

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