Watch this video and be inspired.

Nick Vujicic is  an amazing man. His ability to shift the audience’s emotions is something else. And with the hardest audience – hundred of teenagers in a school gym.

Within seconds he’s created fun, excitement, and laughter. He’s got them. He shifts to sombre and serious. And then inspires them.

How does he do this? He does it with public speaking techniques that he must have honed over hours of stage time. Here are three techniques that he uses that you can implement in your next presentation or speech:

  • He uses silence to signal a shift. Silence is the most effective way of focusing attention.
  • He speaks low and quiet. The audience has to concentrate.
  • He expresses emotion. We start to get an inkling of the frustration and anger that he’s gone through.

But although there’s technique involved – Nick stays real. That’s important.

Last thought –  if this man can present, so can you. Imagine the obstacles he must have surmounted to get this good. Imagine the nervousness he must have had when he first started speaking in public. Imagine the hours of stage time he’s put in to perfecting his craft. If he can present, so can you.

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