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How to go from good presenter to great presenter

There is one thing that will take you from being a good presenter to becoming a great presenter. I've recently returned from 5 weeks travelling overseas. The first week back in New Zealand we ran a one-day presentation skills course. This is routine stuff for me. I've...

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9 ways to use space in your presentation

There are many benefits to movement in a presentation: It adds energy and variety to your presentation. It makes you look more confident - because people who are nervous are generally frozen in one spot. And as an added bonus, if you move, you may start to feel more...

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How to give a great presentation the hundredth time

I recently heard New York choreographer Mark Morris being interviewed on the radio. He talked about making a dance performance fresh and exciting - however much it's been rehearsed and performed. What he said is particularly relevant to presenters who present the same...

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How to create authenticity – the inside-out approach

Be authentic, be yourself - that's the advice of most public speaking and presentation experts. But what if your authentic self is not a particularly engaging presenter? And can you coach someone else to be a more engaging presenter and authentic at the same time? The...

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You can learn to be a better presenter

Barack Obama is well-known for his speaking skills. But it was not always that way. Here are some comments on Barack Obama from his early days in politics: From Time magazine: [Obama's] delivery was stiff and professorial--"more Harvard than Chicago," said an adviser...

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Business presentations – don’t take performance too far

Is a business presentation like a performance? I believe we often take the comparison too far. Garr Reynolds has often noted that the similarities between the presenting and performing and in a post on Benjamin Zander, comments: We often talk about presentations being...

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The three benefits of gesturing – it’s not what you think

Why is it, that when you're speaking in front of a group you suddenly become aware of these great clumsy appendages at the end of your arms - your hands? Why do you suddenly wonder what to do about them? Gesturing is natural In normal one-to-one conversation you never...

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Unlearning presenting

In my last post I wrote about conversational presenting. Conversational presenting builds on the skills most of us already have and use in normal day-to-day conversations. But for many of us, conversational presenting is hard. That used to be the case for me. I was in...

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Conversational Presenting

It's easier to listen to somebody when they're speaking in a conversational manner. This is intuitive but also backed up by research by Richard Mayer and others (there's a nice summary of the research at the Creating Passionate Users blog). Research by Mayer showed...

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