How to Plan your Presentation in Half the Time

This Guide will help you make an effective PowerPoint presentation quickly and easily. You’ll learn:

  • The one sentence that will make your presentation memorable
  • Three questions to answer to create rapport with your audience
  • The key factors in keeping your audience engaged
  • The five PowerPoint slide formats that will enhance your presentation.

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Here’s what people have said about the Guide:

“It’s awesome. I downloaded it and used it straight away. The step-by-stepness of it all just really worked for me (I’m big on processes anyway!). It was just so quick to create a shape better than I would have gotten to, in probably less than half the time.” Steve Bent


“I’ve been devouring (best word I can think of) your guide and love the way it links to useful articles on your site.  I’m working on a presentation and have completely redesigned it (by planning first) thanks to your guide. Thank you.” Gavin Hedrick


“I enjoyed reading it. I especially like that your presentation is congruent with its content – very clear, concise writing, good use of visuals (colour, shapes, relationships) and nice layout. I can’t remember how many books and articles I’ve read on learning/presenting/training etc that tell me how important it is to use visuals but hardly use any themselves.” Ian Bell

… and about the newsletter:

“I stumbled across your website a month or so ago. I just wanted to say that you have made the world of difference to how I present now. The content you send in your newsletters is invaluable and I send them to all my speakers.   Thank you for really making a difference in my life and making me a better speaker. You rock!” Veronique Palmer “Thank you so much for this newsletter. I have culled many useful techniques from it and my presentations have ROCKED because of them. Standing ovation for you.” Kim Horne


“I have been reading your tips on presentations for quite a while now and have found them very helpful. You inspired me to revise a presentation and it worked out very well. People said they were inspired. So, thank you for all the great ideas!!” Marcia Sagendorph


“I really like your newsletter. For me you continue as THE source for relevant thinking.” Michael Parker, Pitch Coach

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Here’s what our course participants have said about the presentation planning system you’ll get access to in the Guide:

You’ll save time planning your presentation

“It enabled me to put together an effective presentation ready to present to senior management in half-a-day. Normally this would have taken me two weeks.” Simon Lloyd-Evans, Infrastructure Manager, IAG

“It has enabled me to focus the content in such an efficient manner that I will save hours on preparation.” Niels Meinderts, Solicitor

You won’t get stuck

“I used to get stuck at the beginning of writing a presentation. I found your design process very helpful.” Jagdesh Prasad, Policy Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Your presentation will be engaging and effective

“Tremendous for crystallising structure/design of presentation – will make it much easier to prepare quality material and genuinely communicate with audience.” Allen Browne, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Opus International

“Initially I thought the concepts were too simplistic to apply to the sort of work we do. I was wrong! Applying the concepts to a presentation I had already given made it 10x better than it was before.” Lauren Donnellan, Solicitor, Simpson Grierson

“I was able to design a presentation which was truly targeted to my audience and gave me credibility in front of a group that I needed to impress.” Kelly Tafatu, Key Account Manager, Datamail

Just enter your name and email address to receive your free copy of “How to make an Effective PowerPoint Presentation” and follow-up tips by email:


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