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Every successful presentation has a memorable message. Without it, the the audience will find the presentation difficult to follow and will remember little.

In this FREE mini-course, we’ll take you through a three step process to develop a memorable message for your presentation:

Step 1: The Zone of Engagement

Figure out the motivation and needs of the audience so that you can pitch your message exactly right.

Step 2: The Fact or Act Decision-Maker

There are two basic types of message – choose the type of message that will give you the biggest impact.

Step 3: The GPS Tool

Use three criteria to make your message punchy, memorable and shareable.

Each step has a short video on each tool, followed by an online questionnaire for you to apply the tool to your own presentation. You can then choose to send your results to us, and we’ll give you detailed feedback and suggestions.

By the end of this mini-course not only will you have a memorable message for your presentation, you’ll:

  • Have clarity about the focus of your presentation,
  • Have momentum to keep going on the planning process,
  • Feel more confident about delivering your presentation, and
  • Dramatically reduce the rest of your presentation planning time.

Free Mini-Course

That “Zone of Engagement” is genius!

Ana Maria B Costa

The insight you provided me guided my presentation through a completely different path, which paid off, and for that, thank you very much!

João Vitor

You are phenomenal teachers!

Katcha Bilek

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