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You’re preparing a presentation. Do any of these feel familiar?

You don't know where to start

There are so many different options. What should you do first?

You're feeling stuck

You’ve started preparing but got bogged down.

You have too much material

And you can’t decide what should stay in and what should stay out.

From stuck to momentum

We’re Olivia Mitchell and Tony Burns and we have a thriving business running presentation training in New Zealand.

We’ve developed this mini-course because we’ve seen too many people get bogged down when preparing presentations, and taking far too long to do it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a simple fix that will get you moving  on preparing your presentation.


Develop a Memorable Message

The fix is to develop a memorable message for your presentation.

If you haven’t started yet, this is the thing to do first.

And if you’ve started preparing and got stuck, developing your message now will get you moving again.

If you’re struggling with having too much to say, it will help you decide what should stay in and what should stay out.

It’s Free!

Three Steps to Develop a Memorable Message

Step 1: The Zone of Engagement

Figure out the motivation and needs of the audience so that you can pitch your message exactly right.

Step 2: The Fact or Act Decision-Maker

There are two basic types of message – choose the type of message that will give you the biggest impact.

Step 3: The GPS Tool

Use three criteria to make your message punchy, memorable and shareable.

By the end of this mini-course you’ll have:

Saved Time

You’ll dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend planning the rest of your presentation.


A Memorable Message will give your presentation focus, making your presentation easy to follow


After your presentation, your audience will remember and share your message.

That “Zone of Engagement” is genius!

Ana Maria B Costa

The insight you provided me guided my presentation through a completely different path, which paid off, and for that, thank you very much!

João Vitor

You are phenomenal teachers!

Katcha Bilek

It’s Free!

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You have Successfully Subscribed!