Nail that Presentation is an online presentation skills training course designed to help you

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and boost your impact, your career or your business

You’re reading this, because presenting is important to you.

You want to do a great job.

But if you’re like many of the people that we work with, you don’t consider yourself a “natural” at presenting and public speaking. You may think of yourself as an introvert and you generally don’t enjoy being the center of attention.

To make matters worse you’ve probably heard that to be a great presenter you have to be a great performer.

This idea has been propagated by authors and coaches misinterpreting statistics

Such as only 7% of your message is conveyed by your words.

Or by catchy – but misleading – slogans like:

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

For those of us who are introverts and who don’t see ourselves as performers, these pervasive messages feel like the kiss of death to our potential to be great presenters.

We take a different approach

Hi, we’re Olivia Mitchell and Tony Burns.

We’ve been running presentation skills courses and delivering one-on-one coaching for nearly 20 years.

We love helping people who don’t consider themselves as extrovert, or naturally energetic and dynamic onstage, to nevertheless become great presenters.

It’s a simple approach

We help people prepare content which is engaging and valuable.

They use our SpeakerMap™ system to plan their presentation. As they plan, they can visualize their presentation working for their audience and their confidence grows.

As they deliver their presentation they can see their audience responding positively to their message. That builds their confidence even further. They’re in that state that psychologists call “Flow”.

Here’s Andy’s story:

I was a living, breathing example of the fear of public speaking.

Following your course I’ve presented 20 public seminars around Auckland/Northland, attendee numbers ranging 25-150. I feel relaxed and confident in what I’m doing, and most surprisingly of all I actually ENJOY doing them! Who would’ve thunk it…! The feedback I’m receiving (from attendees and from our own staff) is fabulous. And that comes back to you both, and your course. So thanks very much for what you’ve been able to do for me – hugely appreciated.

Andy Williams

Medical Assurance Society

Could we do this online too? We loved the idea that we could help people all around the world build confidence in their ability to speak up and express their ideas. So we created an online presentation skills training program: Nail that Presentation to teach people how to use our SpeakerMap™ system. Katcha was one of the first people to complete Nail that Presentation. Here’s her story:

I was asked to do a 40 minute presentation on environmental sustainability in Estonia. I’d only done a 5 minute presentation before and that experience had been awful. The idea of standing up for 8 times longer terrified me.

I researched how to do a speech on the web and found all sorts of conflicting advice that just confused me. Then I read an article by Olivia that made sense to me, and someone had commented that everything she wrote was “A1”. So I decided to check her out and that’s how I found this program.

To begin with I had doubts because I only had a few days to go before my presentation and I was worried that I wouldn’t do it justice. But I decided to take the plunge.

It was a godsend! I started to feel less nervous and more confident as soon as I started using the SpeakerMap™ to plan my presentation, and at every step I felt better about it until I was actually excited about doing this presentation.

The presentation went better than I ever could have imagined. From before the start to way past Q&A. Everything flowed. The Estonians have the reputation for being unresponsive but from my experience they’re an engaged & intelligent bunch.

Afterwards I was I was buzzing with relief, surprise and pride. I felt like I could easily do it again. And I’ve been invited back to Tallinn by the Ministry for the Environment because I’m “such a good speaker” (!!!).

Olivia and Tony are phenomenal teachers. Nail that Presentation is the fastest, most informative & easiest to follow (AND absorb) course I have ever taken.

Katcha Bilek

Designer of ethical fashion accessories, Katcha Bilek

We also had a colleague of ours in the training industry, try out Nail that Presentation:

Program Outline

There are three steps to planning your presentation using the SpeakerMap™:

  • Pitch your content just right for your audience by identifying the Zone of Engagement
  • Get clarity on the Destination of your presentation
  • Develop that Destination into your Destination Statement – a crystal clear message that everyone in your audience will get
  • Use the 3Q sequence methodology to develop a logical structure that your audience can follow with ease.
  • Explore the magic of stories and other evidence to persuade and engage your audience
  • Create an opening for your presentation which creates anticipation and instantly establishes your credibility
  • How to stay within the Zone of Engagement so that your audience don’t zone out
  • Implement the five easy Signposting Sentences that will allow your presentation to flow seamlessly.
  • Use the Note-Writing Formula so that you can express yourself in a clear and succinct manner, and yet still be conversational and engaging
  • Storyboard your slides on paper first to ensure they complement rather than compete with your content
  • Design slides using a scientifically proven method that will stimulate, rather than sedate, your audience.

As you complete each step of the SpeakerMap™ we’ll encourage you to post your work to the private Nail that Presentation forum. We’ll give you feedback so that you know you’re on the right track.

At the end of the program you’ll have your presentation designed, rehearsed and ready to deliver to your audience.


If you find that our approach does not work for you, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase of Nail that Presentation. 

Frequently asked Questions

Will this work for academic presentations?
Yes, absolutely it will. You may find that your presentation stands out – in a good way!
I see that you're from New Zealand. Will the content of this program work in other countries?
Absolutely. The principles of excellent presentation design are universal across Western countries. Olivia has a popular blog with a worldwide following and has been a speaker at the Presentation Summit in the US.
I have to give a speech at a wedding. Will this work for me?
Sorry – probably not. Nail That Presentation is best suited for planning business, sales and conference presentations.
My main problem is nervousness. Will this program help?
Absolutely. One of the main causes of nervousness is the feeling of being under-prepared. Nail that Presentation will get you really prepared with engaging content. This will go a long way in reducing your nervousness.
Your methodology looks quite complex. Is it going to take me longer to plan my presentation than usual?
It would be more accurate to say that our system breaks down the complexity into understandable bite-sized pieces. To begin with, as you learn to use the tools we teach you, you will go slower than normal. However the end product WILL be so much better that it will be worth it. You will design subsequent presentations much more quickly and may end up designing faster – and better – than you do now.
I'm not sure if this presentation is worth spending the money.
Only you can be the judge of that. If there are potential clients or managers in the audience, a great presentation can literally result in greater revenue or income. On the other side, it can prevent you coming across as disorganized and incompetent. Either way, realize that you will be learning a design system that you can use for every presentation you ever give after this one. So a little arithmetic will reveal that the value could be very high.
There's a lot of free stuff on the internet. Why would I pay to do your program?
Two reasons: first because you’ll get access to our expert advice and second, because the advice on the internet is just small snippets of advice – often contradictory. Nail that Presentation offers you a system, proven on hundreds of participants who have taken our course.
I'd like my employer to pay. Can you invoice them?
Sorry, we’re only able to accept credit cards or PayPal at this time. The best method is for you to pay with your own credit card or PayPal and claim the expense back from your employer.
I tend to over-prepare. Will your system help?
Absolutely. The SpeakerMap™ is a series of containers that you fill with content. We take you through a process of prioritization so that you don’t overwhelm your audience by telling them everything you know. When all the containers in the SpeakerMap™ are full, you stop preparing!

What if I’m an extrovert? Can Nail that Presentation help me too?

Yes, it can.

John Faisandier, completed the program. He’s been speaking for 40 plus years and loves being in front of a group. Here’s what he had to say.

I’m an experienced and confident speaker, but my confidence and ability has sometimes led me to adlib and to go offtrack. I knew that I could be better, that I could be sharper.

So I decided to do Tony and Olivia’s Nail that Presentation program to plan a presentation I had coming up.

Using the SpeakerMap™ gave me a discipline I hadn’t had before. I was already using many strategies and techniques such as storytelling and analogies in my presentations, but Nail that Presentation really showed me how to knit all those different elements together into a cohesive whole.

Going through the program improved the logic, flow and clarity of my presentation. And although I was already confident, Nail that Presentation gave me a whole new level of confidence.

I was a little concerned that following this process might dampen my natural spontaneity in front of an audience, but the opposite was true. It gave me freedom that I could ad lib, knowing that I could come back to what I had planned because that was so clear in my mind.

I’ve never had so much positive feedback from any presentation. People just kept coming up to me saying “That was a fantastic presentation” and “That was the best presentation I’ve ever heard”.

I can just see myself using the SpeakerMap™ again and again.

John Faisandier

Director, Thriving under Fire

Bonus Content

BONUS #1: What to ask the Meeting Organiser?

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BONUS #2: Captivating Presentation Title Templates

Another critical element of presentation success is having people attend. If you need to attract an audience, for example, you’re presenting a conference breakout session having a captivating presentation title is essential. This list of 8 different title templates will allow you to do that.

BONUS #3: Royalty-free Stock Photos

This is a carefully curated list of stock photo websites which offer royalty-free photos. Many of them are not well-known so you’ll get access to free photos that nobody has seen before and make your presentation stand-out.

BONUS #4: The “Be Prepared” Equipment Checklist

Yes, Tony used to be a Scout! This list has every piece of equipment you might need to ensure that you’ve got what it takes to survive technical setbacks.

Ready to take action? If this online presentation skills training course doesn’t make a significant difference, you get your money back.

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