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Why do you have a fear of public speaking?

From my own personal experience, from working with thousands of people face to face, and from asking my blog readers what they find hardest about presenting, I know that the fear of public speaking is a biggie. And not everyone who suffers from the fear of public...

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3 Reasons not to use NLP to overcome fear of public speaking

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a controversial topic. I started my research for this post with a relatively open mind. I say relatively, because I do have some biases against NLP. Many NLP-trained people spout the nonsense about only 7% of your communication...

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Mice show that you can overcome fear of public speaking

If you get nervous about speaking in public, the recently published results from a scientific experiment on mice, should give you some hope. The experiment showed that mice that had been trained to feel calm, coped better with stressful situations. The mice were...

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15 baby steps to overcoming the fear of public speaking

In the three previous posts (Overcome your fear,  No perfect presentation, Seven thinking sins) I have talked about the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking. I've focused on the cognitive principles on the basis that if...

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The Seven Thinking Sins of Public Speaking

In the previous post in this series There's no such thing as a perfect presentation, I looked at how to analyse your thinking and change "musts" or demands" into "goals" and so reduce the pressure you put on yourself. Over the years we've worked with hundreds of...

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There’s no such thing as the perfect presentation

Do you demand presentation perfection? It might be stopping you from performing at your best. This graph shows that having a high expectation for your performance will lead to improved performance - up to a point. But when you continue to demand more of yourself,...

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Overcome your fear of public speaking the proven way

Advice on overcoming the fear of public speaking is easy to come by. You may have been told, "Just go out there and do it, take every opportunity you can to speak". But you still get nervous. Here's a story from someone who has suffered through just going out and...

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