PowerPoint Design in 2009: Blog posts with summary

PowerPoint Design in 2009: List of blog posts


PowerPoint Design in 2009: Blogpost with quotes

PowerPoint Design in 2009: The Experts talk

PowerPoint Design in 2009: Why Design Matters?

Andrew Abela Slide design in 2009 Advocates two different types of powerpoint style. Simple a la Presentation Zen and Duarte for “ballroom” presentations and more detailed for “Conference Room” presentations.

Andrew Dlugan PowerPoint Design wishlist: 8 modest proposals Andrew writes his post in the form of a letter to the PowerPoint programmers. His suggestions include a virtual speech coach when you’re about to commit a PowerPoint design atrocity eg: tiny fonts, too many different fonts, too many words etc.

Andrew Lightheart PowerPoint: we’ve been fooled… PowerPoint is not that important to the success of a presentation. Planning and structure of the presentation is what’s critical.

Bert Decker PowerPoint Revolution in 2009 Figure out your message first, do your PowerPoints last. Use black slides to bring focus back to you.

Brent Dykes PowerPoint Design in 2009: a hammer or a toolbox Whether you use a simple visual approach or more detailed bullet-point slides depends on the situation.

Christope Harrer 10 reasons why Presentations are going to make it big in 2009: Slide Design Wishlist Christophe has put together a great Slideshare presentation to demonstrate his 10 points.

Craig Strachan PowerPoint Presentations – a wishlist for 2009 Less slides, less text, less complexity. Would still rather see a presentation with too many graphics than with too much text.

Dave Paradi PowerPoint Design in 2009 Sees a distinction between design-focused presenters and effectiveness-focused presenters for whom design is less important.

Denise Graveline How to use PowerPoint in 2009 Engage the audience beforehand through social media, advance questions, add to slide in real-time.

Ellen Finkelstein What I’d like to see in PowerPoint in 2009 Create content before PP design, storyboard, one point per slide, design is important.

Eric Feng 10 crazy things to try with your PowerPoint presentation in 2009 A bit of light relief if you need it.

Gary Guwe PowerPoint Revolution Summary of design principles.

Gavin Meikle (contribution via blog comment)

“Id love to see more corporations throwing out old fashioned, text-dense, bullet-point riddled slides and encouraging more simple, clear, graphic designs. Internal competitions for the best most effective presentations as voted upon by the audience would help create a new culture. I don’t know about the US but here in the UK bullet points still seem to rule in far too many organisations. I’d also like to see more published research into what actually works best in different types of contexts. Finally I’d like to see PowerPoint having alternative default formats for on-line versus live presentations to help people learn how to use it appropriately in different contexts.”

Geetesh Bajaj Slide Design in 2009: Changes Advocates planning your presentation on paper first, before going to the computer.

George Torok Step away from that PowerPoint or someone might get hurt Plan your message first and then consider how you can best use the visual aspect of PowerPoint.

Jan Schultink 2009  Looking ahead in the world of PowerPoint presentations Presentation design will be recognised as a serious business discipline. Predicts new developments – more emphasis on typography, slides more fluid as they transition into each other , 3D used better, focus on data visualization.

Jennifer Kammeyer Creating PowerPoint based on Research Really useful summary of the research that can be applied to PowerPoint.

Jeff Bailey Slide Design 2009: Let the Bullets Fly What not to do this year – some light relief! and PowerPoint Design 2009: A whole new you A provocative post arguing that the ability to present and connect with your audience is far more important than slide design.

Jeromy Timmer What to put in your slides in ’09 (part 1) and What to put in your slides in ’09 (part 2) Take off logos and don’t use templates. Create a colour palette and use a grid.

Jim Anderson A Presenter’s PowerPoint Slides: Too Little Of A Bad Thing? Slides should be designed to support the words that are being spoken.

Joey Asher How to put lipstick on the PowerPoint pig (great title) PowerPoint largely irrelevant as to whether you accomplish your busines goals. Plan your presentation by deciding on your core message first.

John Windsor Improving your presentations in 2009 Make your first slide a goal slide. Connect with your audience

Laura Bergells Social media inspired PowerPoint design for 2009 Twittery design for slides. Use social media to meet your audience pre-presentation.

Lee Potts PowerPoint Design in 2009: Very Superstititous Points out that many people behave in a superstitious way around PowerPoint. They follow rules without understanding why.

Lisa Braithwaite Is PowerPoint the new black? More visuals, less text. Use flipchart too. Use a remote.

Mike Pulsifer What I’d like to see in Slide Design in 2009 Less organisational inertia, simler diagrams and detail into your handouts

MJ Plebon My wish for 2009 10 items on wishlist ranging from design (fonts, colours, no templates) to content (message, stories).

Norman Wei What I would like to see in PowerPoint design in 2009 No bullet points, one point per slide, use as many slides as you have points to make, know your topic, do not memorize your presentations.

Robert Lane Visually interactive PowerPoint design Advocates the relational presentation approach – using hyperlinks to navigate between your slides and slideshows and so be responsive to your audience. Follow cognitive design principles.

Rowan Manahan PowerPoint design in 2009 Use presenter view (much better in PP 2007) so that can have less text on screen.

Scott Schwertly Presentation Design in 2009 Add more storytelling to PowerPoint presentations this year.

Simon Raybould A wishlist for presentations in 2009 Big fonts, face the audience, put details in handout.

Terry Gault What I’d like to see in PowerPoint slide design in 2009 Telling a story that your audience buys into is more critical than providing data and analysis.

Wayne Botha Are we there yet? Rehearsal important. “Let’s worship my slides together” phenomena. Prepare your presentation first then decide if PowerPoint is appropriate.

Xiaoxiaosun PowerPoint slide design in 2009. Your slides should be simple, clear and easy to understand.


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