Presentation eBook

Guidelines on how to plan a Presentation

This is a practical and easy to use workbook which will guide you through how to create an engaging and memorable presentation.

“I used to get stuck at the beginning of writing a presentation. I found your design process very useful.” Jagdesh Prasad, Policy Analyst

You’ll learn why traditional approaches to presentation planning don’t work. We’ll then show you step-by-step how to develop a presentation using our “Presenting by Boxes” system. We’ve developed and refined this system over many years of working with people in government, business and not-for-profits. You’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend planning
  • Easily decide what to include and what to exclude
  • Quickly organise your material into a logical order
  • Develop your credibility
  • Engage the audience throughout your presentation
  • Help the audience remember and act on the key message.

“Tremendous for crystallising the structure/design of a presentation – makes it much easier to prepare a quality presentation and genuinely communicate with the audience.”
Allen Browne, Senior Engineer

The Presentation Planning Guide is US$20. Click on these links – they will take you to our sister site to access the Guide:

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