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A 12 week online group program to help women speak to groups and record video with confidence.

My Big Why

If you’re new here, the snazzy bed background is because when I was recording this video my bedroom was my office, while I recovered from an accident.
I’m an introvert. And for the first half of my life I was shy as well.

It’s made such a difference in my life to be able to speak up more, to express myself and what’s important to me – to my family and friends, and in my work. Sometimes that’s been one-on-one, other times, speaking to groups.

I’m still a work in progress, working on expressing myself more, particularly when it comes to controversial issues, or when I am concerned I’ll disappoint someone.

Being able to express yourself when it matters is a core part of living a meaningful life. I want to give that gift to you too.

And it’s important for humanity.

We need to be able to speak up when we see something happening that seems wrong. For example, in your workplace, speaking up when a colleague makes a joke that disparages a minority.

We need to be able to speak up to be the voice for what needs to change in our society, whether that’s action on climate change, racial justice, or sexual harrassment.

That’s my Big Why.

What’s your Big Why? Let me know in the comments.

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