Twitter policy

I love using Twitter to connect and engage with people who are interested in the same things I am. I also want to provide value to the people who follow me.

And I need to manage carefully the time it takes. So here’s what I’ve come up with.

Following people

One of the bottlenecks I have is reviewing the people who follow me and deciding who to follow back.

I don’t autofollow because I do want to connect with new people – and I’ll never add new people if I just autofollow.

But manually processing everyone who follows me takes too much time – and there are so many follows that appear to be spammy that it is wasted time.

If you tweet about presenting, public speaking, training, psychology or elearning then I would like to follow you. Please send me a simply @reply letting me know what interests we have in common and I will follow you.

Thanking for Retweets

Conventional twitter advice is to thank people for every retweet.

I do appreciate every retweet I get, and I started following this advice. But I sometimes get quite a lot of retweets and I was starting to have to develop a system to make sure I caught all the retweets. And then my stream was getting full of blocks of posts simply thanking people for retweets. That’s not providing value to most of my followers.

So I’m going to stop the practice of thanking for every single retweet. I’ll try and notice people who are retweeting me for the first time and thank them – it’s a great way of connecting with new people. But do know that I appreciate your retweets.

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