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Updates to “How to present with Twitter and other backchannels”

This eBook will get out-of-date very quickly. I’ll post minor updates here and tweet a link (I’m @OliviaMitchell on Twitter). I’ll blog significant developments (subscribe to my RSS feed). Periodically I’ll also update the eBook. If you’d like to know when I release a new edition, you can sign up to receive an email notification. I will use your email only to let you know about updates to the eBook.


25 Nov: Here’s another Twitter display option Tweetwally

25 Nov: Organise a monitor facing the speaker that your Twitter team can use to communicate with you. This is from a comment by @barantunde on this post Curbing your comments at conferences

The conference organizers had a team of people reading through the hashtag I’d set up, and they would display ONE question on the stage-facing monitor that I could see. After I asked that question (or ignored it for a sufficiently long amount of time) they would rotate in another question. That single purpose monitor could also be used to send me notes that might help the interview. They didn’t use it for that purpose, but I can imagine lots of scenarios: e.g. “Dude, your fly is unzipped”

25 Nov: A tool for allowing audience members to ask questions and vote on each other’s questions I haven’t investigated this yet.

26 Nov: A tool for sending automated responses when people tweet a predetermined keyword LocalBunny.

3 December: In a post on SocialTimes I elaborated on the role of the backchannel moderator

5 December: Another presentation audit issue – make sure that your presentation fits the description in the conference brochure.

5 December: only archives hashtags for 6-10 days. But now a new service Twapper Keeper will archive hashtag tweets on its own servers.

8 December: Wallwisher is another option for backchannel.


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